Taking you into a boutique hotel-style home

08 Jun 2020

The apartment, located at the Jardine’s Lookout, is surrounded by both trees and city view. The owner not only wanted to bring the breathtaking scenery inside but also wanted to turn the 40-year-old apartment to a simple yet contemporary boutique hotel-style home.

We can see there is an excessively long living room in the original plan. One of the biggest challenges is – how can the family utilize the entire area? Our designer has recast the layout plan and converted a part of the living room to a workplace aka a private area for the male owner. 

The male owner loves playing instruments and enjoys music with his high-end Hi-Fi Audio Systems. Now, he can take some good rest with decent music sensation after work in his private corner, without waking up kids in the bedroom. 


An L-shape glass door and a glass sliding door are used to separate the workplace and the kitchen from the living room respectively. What is the reason behind this unusual move? Natural lighting can be brought inside the apartment effortlessly; besides, the glass sliding door let you get a sight of your kids when you busy in the kitchen as well as to increase the spaciousness of the apartment. 

3D Rendering

One of the tips to turn your apartment into a boutique hotel-style home is to make use of various materials to decorate your apartment. When looking at this apartment, since it is surrounded by woods, our designer has employed lots of natural elements in the apartment, for example, wood floorings and wooden decorations. 

To avoid a dull design and to present a modern style, marble, mirror, carpet and black aluminium decoration and furniture are selected and further elevate the sense of design. With the use of these elements in a different area of the apartment, it also helps to set functional rooms from one another. 

How to select carpets for my home – you may ask. Our designer would suggest wool carpet for homes. Although high pile carpets may create a plush and fluffy look and feel, they add extra cushion underfoot but also more readily collect dust and debris, making it require more frequent maintenance. We would recommend low pile carpets instead of high pile carpets as they are easier to clean and durable. 

Be careful when choosing rooms to place carpets. Areas with high humidity are not recommended. Areas with a high chance of water spill potentials, such as kitchen, bathroom and dining room, are not ideal. Try placing carpets in the living room and bedrooms to create a homey mood!

To summarize, the apartment has been turned into a boutique hotel-style home and the design of the apartment creates a modern aura by using various materials.