Our Story

Who We Are

A global award-winning interior design studio by Matthew Li and Maggy Cheung was founded in 2013, with a team of talented and creative designers to enhance the quality of life through spaces that combine aesthetics and lifestyle with functionality and sustainability. We gather insights from research, experimentation, and experiences to create meaningful interior layouts and designs, and it is widely considered one of the unique practices to emerge in recent years. We believe in the importance of curating a bespoke form for every property, corporate and commercial space design, meanwhile creating uniqueness for different parties through a personalized narrating Interior design.

With a breadth of industry experience, the studio works extends from residential and commercial interior design to branding design with a reputation in producing high-quality designs that are innovative, with a collaborative approach to procure projects on time and on budget, we wish to not just create designs, but also an experience.

Our Services

Residential interior design
Residential interior design
Grande Studio offers notable and outstanding home space planning to deliver the most bespoke living experience to our clients.
Commercial Interior Design
Commercial Interior Design
Ambiance speaks about the brand. Grande Workplus engages with commercial, F&B corporates to work out a space design that symbolizes them.
Branding Design
Branding Design
We believe there is a strong connection between interior and branding. Right before it starts, Grande BrandPlus empowers the brands through narratives.
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Our Philosophy

It’s all about timeless and uniqueness. Our aesthetic language is expressed through a kind of understated elegance that interprets in every single design detail.
Design strikes an exquisite balance between aesthetics and functionality. We endeavor to create the loftiest quality of life for our clients through the designs.
A design for each single one is different. We conceptualize it by initiating strong narratives and working closely with our clients to create a meaningful way of living and working.
We design with the clients, not for the clients. We value the identity and ingenuity gathered from both parties and make it into a meaningful piece.


Matthew Li | Grande Interior Design
Matthew Li

Matthew believes interior design itself is not just a form of design, but a community of like-minded talents looking to transform a client's dreams into reality.  He creates immersive experiences that draw people to narrate and captivate them with details.  He was involved at all stages of a project from the development of the narratives to the actual building project.

Known for designing spaces that are stylish, thoughtful, creative, customized, and luxurious,  Matthew believes each project should represent an individual’s own interests and lifestyle.  He derives joy from every stage of the design process, and that sense of achievement he feels at the final stage becomes his greatest motivation.  Meanwhile, an adventurous mind helps to absorb innovative ideas and apply them to projects.

Matthew has been honored with multiple awards globally, including 40 under 40 Awards from Perspective Global, International Design Award from the US, A' Design Award, and International Property Awards (Five Star).

Maggy Cheung | Grande Interior Design
Maggy Cheung

Minimalism is always Maggy's motto. She loves the challenge of understanding experiences from a completely different perspective and the thrill of uncovering unexpected insights that just might change everything. Her style brings energy and lots of aesthetic inspiration with an minimal elegant approach.

To pursue her interest in fashion and beauty, she works with different parties to showcase the unforgettable beautiful insights on all of her projects. Her mission is to immerse the experience as a journey of inspiration during the creative process, and to build up a seamless communication partnership with the client, therefore, she caters to each process and pays utmost attention to every detail that reflects the client's expectation.

Multiple awards have been honored including Five Star by Asia Pacific Property Award, Most Popular and Gold Award by HKT Smart Living Award, 40 under 40 from Perspective China, and A' Design Award.

Design Team

We have over 15 designers to handle for both residential and commercial projects, who is Involved from design concept development to design implementation, including space planning, design development, technical drawings, loose furniture and soft furnishings proposal. The team expertises in accomplishing high quality design yet able to strike a balance in between creative whilst down-to-earth, while we work with a trustable network of specialists to provide a broader design scope to suffice our client’s needs.

Project Team

Our project team works closely with contractors and unique co-creates spaces with attention to detail for our clients, delivers a good quality of refined craftsmanship, and ensures the project will be completed and handed to clients on time.

Branding Creative Team

We create souls for brands with both meaningfully unique designs, outstanding personalities, and the corporate image from tangible to intangible products through an in-depth understanding of our client’s identity, also cooperate with interior designers to deliver a consistent corporate image from brand identity to environmental design.

Marketing Team

A team that is involved in the management of the brand’s social media platforms and works closely with the different press and media companies across the industry, to deliver strong storytelling and reveal the soul of the interiors, designs, and brand images which is also connected with the clients.

Administration & Account

A team composed of back-office supports such as administrative, accounting, and human resources, to assist in the daily operation of the company, and keep the brand running on a perfect track with all the talents.