Build a Smart and Elegant Living Space

20 Nov 2020

Sorrento is a residential complex located on top of the Kowloon MTR station. Not only benefits from convenient transportation, but residents can also shop in the enormous mall nearby. 

Floor Plan

Before the renovation, the apartment was in a cold tone. The owners would love to transform the apartment into an elegant as well as exquisite one. To satisfy the owners’ design requirements, our designer has applied a light blue and modest palette. To avoid a boring design, marble, metal elements and various lighting are added on top of the simple design tone. 


Owing to the large and rectangular plan of the apartment, owners should find the space spacious and practical. To make the apartment even more commodious, mirror and metal elements are set to the long corridor; besides, you can also see many reflective and metal elements around the living and dining room area. 

Meanwhile, a huge cabinet is built in the dining room for an enormous storage area. The bluish-grey sliding door matches the entire mood and design further creates a stylish and refined aura. 

You may wonder why not build a floor-to-ceiling cabinet to maximize the storage space. Having one enormous cabinet which connects the floor with the ceiling will affect the lighting; besides, it will make the area stuffy and packed. 

Besides, a smart home system is installed to the apartment for a convenient and cost-efficient living experience. Making use of technologies, smart home devices enhance your living experience with comfort, efficiency and convenience. 

A smart home system enables you to control your home appliances, not limit to lighting, air-conditioning, and surveillance system etc., with your smartphone no matter where you are. A smart home system can be commonly found in large apartment or apartment with high ceiling, suggested by one of our designer – Maggy. It is because it is more convenient controlling devices and it is nearly impossible to roll up and blinds manually respectively. 

3D Rendering

Speaking of this apartment, the apartment owners are passionate about advanced technology. A set of command has been customized to enable owners to control home devices at ease. With simple audio commands, the home assistance – Alexa would be able to help the owners switching on and off the different lighting, AV systems, air-conditioning etc. 

Be reminded that you should let your designer know if you would like to install a smart home system at the beginning since it demands a strong Wi-Fi network with full coverage in every room. Therefore, it requires all of the electricity and pipe system reinstallations for better internet connection. 

To sum up, although no reconstruction required for the renovation, electricity and pipe systems have been remodelled and convert the space to a smart yet elegant living environment.