MayFair By The Sea 8

Simple Penetrating Space
859 square feet

This project is designed for a family of three. The owner pursues high living savors and prefers a simple design home style, warm gray and white space are the main tones of this design. Avoid being too monotonous, metallic finish and mirror design are applied in different areas of the house as embellishments. Stepping into the unit, you’ll see an open workshop which is designed for the male owner who needs to work from home and also provides a space for a parent-child time. There is a large bookcase combination behind the open studio, which also provides space for display and storage and the owner can simply turn around and pick his favorite books, Also, designer chose light-colored furnitures for the living and dining area, while the natural light pouring in, it exudes a soft and tranquil atmosphere and allow them to relax and unwind.


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