Why a kitchen island is perfect for your apartment

24 Jul 2020

A kitchen island is no longer an element that only appears in foreign movies. More clients are requesting a kitchen island nowadays. It seems to become an icon of the modern kitchen. Indeed, what is a kitchen island? And what’s good to have one in your kitchen? We will let you know!

First of all, according to Kitchen Cabinet King, “An island is a freestanding piece of cabinetry that is placed in a kitchen to supplement the countertop space.” To many people, it may seem to be a waste of space to set an island in the middle of the kitchens. However, it brings various benefits to the household. 

It provides extra storage

If your kitchen is lacking out of storage area, having an island may be one of the best solutions. Besides drawers and cabinets, you can always choose to hide your bins, fridges and electrical appliances under the island. 

It serves as an extension food preparation area

A kitchen island offers you an additional area when preparing for feasts. It is always easier to separate the food preparation and cooking process when having an island in your kitchen. Plus, having an additional sink and stove on the island is a way to make your kitchen more functional and save your time when preparing large meals.

Add some seatings and bring a new definition to the island

An island can usually fit several high chairs, it can then be an informal dining area with your families and friends while preparing food. Moreover, you can keep your kids sitting next to you and keep an eye on them while cooking now and you don’t have to worry whether they are messing around in the living room.

Create family moments in the kitchen

The kitchen island can serve as a great cooking area for kids. It is safe for kids to help with food preparation in a stove-free area. And place the microwave and oven where kids can easily reach, you can then train your kids to prepare light snacks after school! 

What do you think about having an island in your kitchen now? Let us know what you think!