Creating a stylish sanctuary in the city

07 Apr 2020

Robinson Heights, located on Robinson Road in Mid-Levels, is just a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of Central. Living so close to the heart of Hong Kong has many advantages, but it can also leave one looking for respite and relaxation in the home. This was the challenge posed to us by a recent client, who wanted to turn their Robinson Heights apartment into a place of peaceful escape from the buzz of the city. 

Floor Plan

To create their city sanctuary, the client asked us to design the apartment with a modern, minimalist all-white palette. You can’t go wrong with white. It highlights textures, enhances natural light, amplifies distinctive design features, and draws attention to the lines and shapes in a room. By simplifying a space without making it dull, white makes everything else look better.

3D Rendering

The original apartment had a dated interior and was a dim and closed-in space, plus our client needed more storage than the original layout provided. As the flat wasn’t large, we had to be smart about creating extra storage space. With white as our main colour, we needed to use a variety of materials to bring the concept together. It was important to create depth and contrast to ensure that the flat didn’t look or feel too cold. 

The apartment had plenty of windows. This was challenging to design around, but it was a good problem to have – it meant plentiful natural light! Because white is a reflective colour, we could use all of these windows to our advantage to make the space bright and serene. Not only does white reflect other colours, it can also help to reduce the heat levels of a room. 

Material Board

One of the secrets to adding warmth to an all-white interior? Don’t be afraid to add a splash of colour. We used eye-catching furniture and cabinetry with darker colours as embellishments to add vibrancy to the apartment. We also used subtly different shades of white throughout the home to add depth and texture. 

We renovated the kitchen and separated it from the living room with a glass wall, bringing sunlight flowing into the living room. White is an especially great choice in the kitchen as it’s an easy-care colour – a must for the practical needs of everyday living.

By the project’s completion, the apartment had been turned into a warm and cosy retreat in the centre of Hong Kong. The all-white interior accentuated the home’s abundant natural light, all while being effortlessly stylish and tranquil.