A Style-blend To Re-define a Modern Haussmann Design

19 Sep 2022

Located on North Point Mid-levels, Braemar Hill, the Braemar Hill Mansions is a private residential mansion with almost 1,300 square feet, living a family of four mixing in styles of elegance and modern chic from both owners, realizing a style mixing somehow could be a way to stay-up-on-trend!


With an initial L-shaped layout plan, the home is occupied with some dark-coloured wood as most of the furniture material and the walls are in a tedious white colour. The owners wish to do a comprehensive innovation while two of their children are growing up and need a more well-planned home space. Besides, a poor-lit home reduces a certain level of coziness of a place that feels like home, while a modern design could be a solution and sustainable in terms of style.

However, the style of the two owners got different ideas, so our designer decided to blend a classical elegant Haussmann style with a touch of modernism using minimal alignments to cater for both female and male owners into a more neutral style which could reach their ideas all in one.

The is a fully demolished unit including all the changes on windows and walls, to renew the walls and to create more suitable intervals for this home style. The floor-high storage cabinets are designed with Classical decorative moulding lines which represent an elegant Haussmann design feature, while it is also hidden just like classical feature walls. This is also a clue when you want to expand your storage area but keeping your home spacious and allows you to move freely. 

The overall design is using a soft wood palette for this home as requested by the client to realize their dream of having a cozy home filled with earthy and warm elements in a homey and soft setting. The classical moulding lines on the walls and cabinets have also created a sense of luxury taking the inspiration from the European homes.

A home space design could definitely be diverse in styles and functionality, the most meaningful part of this design is also the mix-blends and the use of colour tones to remodel an idealist way of living!