Capital Tower

Studio of Bold & Sharp Lines Reshape The Futurism
4,000 square feet

A considerable design merging the company’s business and brand image, the studio is evenly spaced in a B&W palette and interior lighting to generate a bold contrasting style, through shaping concise alignments of the light-trough design into the space. With an open office approach and the use of glass to set intervals and storage cabinets, combining the lighting connected inside-out, reshaped the space filled with high-tech futurism. 

Pantry & Reception

To cater the client's needs on the storage for the amounts of figures to showcase, an overhead double-sided glass cabinet is designed between the entrance and the pantry as a partition function, to divide the space as well as setting the privacy. The pantry is matching overall aesthetics with the same color-toned furniture and fixtures, while the sofa is facing the large window, allows the staff to get a kick-off moment. At the side, some built-in display shelves are designed with the light trough as decoration which goes with a merge with the wallpaper.

Open Working Area

Passing through the entrance of the office like a time traveler in an all-black sci-fi tunnel with irregular lighting design, which becomes an opening scene for this studio. The focus of the office space is the open plan working area, unify the wall in color of black throughout the space, with a bright and long light trough above the workbench. Near the window, a set of floor-to-ceiling glass is used to allw natural views filter in, to enrich the space sense under an all-black aura.


The enclosed rooms are the located at the side of the office using glass door to divide two areas, creating a sense of going-through between the space and broadening at the same time. The glass is framed by black bronze, consistent with the black color furniture and setting. While a long table becomes the focus in the room, as well asthe two hanging lamps and two rows of backstage-inspired spotlights. At the side is a feature TV wall equipped with cabinets and shelves, light trough design is used between the shelves to create a concise contrast with the black wall, also standing the same vibes with overall environment.


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Project Tour