A Warm & Chic Office

Bring the Harmony to Workplace
8,000 square feet

To create a modern and harmonious workspace with a people-oriented design concept, our designer integrated nature by blending the greenery elements into a traditional office, creating a warm yet focused workspace for colleagues. The designer thoughtfully made good use of the spacious area with an open-office design to widen the area, while using round lines to shape the ceiling, delicate chandelier, and furniture design, perfectly merging the two unique areas of shared space and workspace into a stressless office. 

  • A&D Awards - Bronze
  • BLT Built Design Awards - Honorable Mention 2022
  • Build4Asia Awards 2022 - Gold
  • Home Journal Awards 2022 - Silver Winner
  • Hong Kong & Bay Area Design Awards 2022

The first spot which catches your attention is probably the studio reception which is illustrated by a curved-line desk made with bronze, a wooden stripe pattern on the curved ceiling, as well as the material use of art paints on the wall, creating coherence between parts by parts. A modern-minimal pendant as an embellishment of the space, giving the guests a harmonious welcoming.

Making use of a commodious and superior view outside, designer completed a studio design with an open shared space for employees and guests to spend a moment to chill out. The design, for instance, has several round-shaped pendants with refraction on the ceiling, and curved corners, while the lobby is filled with some of the Scandinavian loose furniture such as Godot Sofa from Menu Space, Fauteuil de Salon from Vitra, and Little Petra from & Tradition, etc., transformed the area into a meticulous setting. Designer considers carpet as one of the essential elements of this design, using two-color tones to identify and differentiate the pathway and area, making this a warmer orientation for guests.

Open Island

A floor-to-ceiling lattice cabinet is situated in the middle of the open shared space, with the shelf partitions made of wood and bronze which is merging with the vibes in the overall space, designer decided to place certain potted plants and books to ornament the setting. This cabinet becomes an open island connected to the open space and dining area, also as a cover to conceal the functional cabinet behind which is equipped with a coffee machine and a fridge. On the other side of the island, there is a bar table with some hanging plants as a decorative top covering, which also delivers a sense of privacy for the dining area behind. A place filled with calm and a broad view, where you can empty your mind for a moment.

Meeting Rooms & Enclosed Office

Located on the side of the open shared space, the two meeting rooms are designed in a streamlined concept with a transparent bronze frame glass and a modern touch, with the effect to widen the visual perception. Besides, infusing these elements into other enclosed offices synchronizes the entire working area and delivers the message of comfortability throughout the space.

Working Area

Designer utilized a floor-to-ceiling grid screen to separate the open space and working area, to remain the sense of spacing in general. The design of the working area is intentionally different from the chilling area while a bronze grid ceiling is used to stay consistent with the separating screen concisely. To replace the traditional office board between seats with the greeneries, and a lighting design that is pleasant to work in with a focused ambiance, reforming a workspace that "feels like home".

Material Room

Being considerate and resourceful for a studio design, a material room that stores different prototypes is situated on the backside of the office, also merging with comfy light wood color, classify all materials and books in a good manner.


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